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Cloud ERP 

We combine creativity, software development techniques and industry expertise with innovative solutions that are powered by the open source suite of integrated business software.

Why you need an ERP for managing your business processes?

  • In the last 15 years, new technologies have pushed enterprises both large and small to rethink their process management with respect to the new dynamics created by the changing business landscape.

  • Implementing an ERP is a step many businesses are taking to help organize and optimize the way they do business.

  • Definitely in today, you need an ERP system to manage and grow your business.

  • Cloud-based ERP is the next generation. Cloud ERP gives you the cost effective way to run and flexibility to expand your business.

Laps Cloud ERP uses open source technology and it has been developed over 15 years. It is still evolving with innovation.

Laps stand with our customers using the proper and right tools to achieve our customers’ business goals.

Laps Cloud ERP Apps

We have great tools that help you manage your business

Our cloud-based ERP solutions and services suit both enterprises and small-and-medium businesses. It is the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable organizations to grow, evolve and transform.

  • Accounting and Finance management

  • Inventory and Logistics management

  • Product management

  • Field service management

  • Project management

  • Human resources management

  • Contract management

  • Document management

  • Membership management

  • Event management

  • Promotion management

  • Procurement management

  • Salesforce management

  • Customer relationship management

Integrating ERP into your O2O business

ERP and O2O (online-to-offline) business

Laps Cloud ERP can fully integrate into your self-running online shop or e-Commerce website like Amazon FBA, eBay and Shopify that makes you seamlessly centrally manage and run both online to offline (O2O) businesses.

  • Our Cloud ERP is a suite of open source modules; easy to use. It is full feature, tightly integrated, runs smoothly in the cloud.

  • From Operations through to Sales (and everywhere in between), Laps provides an integrated software that you can use one system for all your business needs.

  • Laps Cloud ERP have hundreds modules and thousands plug-ins that various specific business functions.

  • You can start with a few apps or modules. Allows you focus on growing your business.

We enable your organizations to

Run business better

Enable digital ways of doing business

Engage better with customers, employees and various stakeholders

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Simple search, great images, great visual effects

Make it easy for users to find the products and information they want

Online Shop Web Design


Stay close to creative trends and use rich and quality images,

illustrations and videos to make your online shop website stand out

Digital Design and Marketing Services

Web design 網頁設計

Web Design

Online Shop 網上商店

Online Shop

Search Engine Marketing 搜索引擎營銷

Search Engine Marketing

Facebook Marketing and Advertising Facebook 廣告

Facebook Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

WeChat Marketing

WeChat Marketing

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