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Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Many classical physics, such as Newton's laws of motion, can be described by mathematics. You can also verify the theorems by doing experiments and collecting data from measurements ...

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Mathematics and Computer Science

In discussions with customers we always talked about the importance of learning mathematics and computer science. Some listeners knew what these two subjects were, but did not understand ...

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The AI Economy in the 21st Century

Many customers would like to know the difference between the popularity of e-commerce and social media since 2000 and the trend of artificial intelligence ...

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Human Learning vs Machine Learning

Through some of our business system development projects and another type of work – STEAM education and training, I have the chance to explore how our brain remembers and how it is different from a machine learning system ...

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Smart Use of Unstructured Data in Your ERP & eCommerce System

Today, most ERP and e-commerce system data is stored as structured data because they are built with relational database technology ...

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AI Solutions Are More Than Just Defining Machine Learning Models

"Those of us in machine learning are really good at doing well on a test set, but unfortunately deploying a system takes more than doing well on a test set.” Dr. Andrew Ng, who co-founded Google Brain and Coursera, is currently CEO of DeepLearning.AI, said.

When you plan to develop AI solutions to solve business problems, you not only need to let AI and ML professionals ... 

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Equip your ERP system with AI capabilities

More than a year ago, we started to develop AI projects with our customers. Some projects start with consultation, research and evaluation ...

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Production is hard, prototypes are easy.

"Production is hard, prototypes are easy ... " Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said. 

Nowadays, in addition to language learning in primary and secondary schools, learning STEM knowledge is also a core part of ... 

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Business System in the Post Pandemic and New Normal World

We have to rethink both our lifestyle and working style today. COVID-19 speeds up the use of a number of new technologies in business ...

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OpenERP (Odoo) Upgrade

Laps Solutions has been committed to providing OpenERP (Odoo) solution services for many years. We provide services from its community version (Community) and enterprise (Enterprise) version v9 to today's version v14. If you are using an old version of Odoo and are considering system upgrade, we are here to share some experience with you.

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STEM Education and Training (II)

Even if you are not familiar with computer programming, you may have heard of some computer programming languages such as Basic, C, Java, Python, etc. Every computer language has its "life cycle" ...

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STEM Education and Training (I)

When Laps Solutions is establishing and setting up its AIoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things) Lab and Education Center ...

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