4 Steps to Success Digital Marketing Campaign
14 February, 2020 by
4 Steps to Success Digital Marketing Campaign
Laps Solutions Limited

We assist you to manage and operate your Search Engine and Keyword Ranking Campaigns.

It is a continuous management process to optimize and improve your ROI (return on investment).

We commit and engage a long term working relationship and cooperation with our customers.

We strike for the best result and benefit to them.

1. Plan

  • Your Digital Marketing Strategy and Goals

  • The Best Suits of Google Ads Settings and Configurations

  • The Most Effective Biding Strategies

2. Execute

  • Work out your Most Relevant Keywords, Campaigns and Ads

  • Design & Implement Text Ads, Display Ads and Responsive Ads

  • Professional Keyword Biding

3. Monitor

  • Keyword Bidding Adjustment & Minimize CPC (Cost Per Click)

  • Optimize Your Ad Performance

  • Mastering Google Analytics & Analysis

4. Review & Refine

  • Consolidate Real Success Metrics

  • Optimize Website Performance & SEO

  • Refine SEM Implementation Actions

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