Internet of Things . IoT

Data stream capture at the edge.
Data analytics in the cloud.

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Get your IoT devices connected and are fully integrated with existing business processes that boosts your productivity

We assist your deployment of IoT devices across business operations and processes, connect your IoT devices, either sensors or actuators, to your database or smart platform we customize, operate or manage. 

Your devices may be camera, measurement tools like thermometers, hydrometers, HIDs (human interface devices) etc. They can be connected through WiFi, Bluetooth, USB or HDMI. We use open source hardware and software that maximize business investment and minimize running costs of your IoT infrastructure. 

Use of AI and machine learning data to realize actionable insights and opportunities

Using AI and different Cloud API services, the datasets collected from IoT devices can be centrally stored, automatically processed and unified for data analytics in the cloud, to provide innovation and reassurance to your operations in back offices, customer service endpoints, warehouses, manufacturing sites etc.

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