Top 5 Business Tech Trends in 2019

Brand building and digital marketing throughout search engine and social media platforms

Cloud CRM and ERP – building up your Big Data for long term success

Online shop and mobile payment – expanding and extending your business

Upgrading your customer service quality to increase customer loyalty 

Enable AI-based security protection to your business data 

1. Brand building and digital marketing

  • Consumers spend a lot of time and money to purchase in the Internet through mobile phones and many IoT (Internet of Things) device accesses. Brand image created via search engine and social media platforms is essential to consumers communications

  • It was not easy to make a branding ad and it cost a lot in the past. But now with Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, WeChat or social media posts and ads, you can brand your company\products\services every day and communicate much accurately with your target audience

  • Your market is fiercely competitive. It is not easy to maintain the product differentiation advantage for a long time, nor is it easy for every merchant to do it. Brand value and online marketing is getting much related and you should take care of your brand every day

  • Online marketing and promotion is a race against time. Only high-quality design, copy-writing, images, videos and else may draw the web audience attention to product information and brand image. To stand out your online brand, technologies should be applied with a strong and outstanding design concept

2. Cloud CRM and ERP – building up your Big Data for long term success

  • You may be familiar with CRM and ERP. Your daily business operations do hide a lot of useful data that help you understand your business and customers and update your business plan in time to do better and more.

  • The use of artificial intelligence (AI) service for commercial data analysis is prevalent, provided you have established and operated your own CRM and ERP databases. The more and the better quality of data that can be collected and accumulated, the more effective use of artificial intelligence. From now on, you should take CRM and ERP database management more seriously.

3. Online shop and mobile payment – expanding and extending your business

  • Use the online store to "expand" and "expand" your business

  • The network is boundless: "expanding" allows you get more customers and business

  • Online store is flexible: making it easier for you to "extend" new markets and new business opportunities

  • Online and mobile payment such as PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay and else coming popular and your business model must introduce these new payment technologies

4. Upgrading your customer service quality to increase customer loyalty 

  • It’s an Internet age, AI age, Robot age. Business operation mode can be 7x24 hours a day. In fact, your customers may search for your products or services any time. They also have the chance to inquiry you for some pre-sales or after-sales issues every moment. Today, you can make use of commercial technologies such as Online Chat, Chatbot, Helpdesk, and relating to your CRM database to improve customer service quality and reach today's customer expectation. At a highly competitive market, it is a means of increasing customer loyalty.

5. Enable AI-based security protection to your business data

  • Malware and hacker threats always appear. Over the years, security attack and defence technologies have been chasing each other, and scientists and technicians have spent a lot of effort but hacking events still happen. In recent years, due to the rapid development of AI technology, internet security companies have been developing advanced machine (application software) that make use of deep learning to detect both known and unknown malicious software. The next generation End-Point Protection application software and service are smarter, more scalable, and more efficient.

The above just a brief share and we have more ideas. We are ready to provide above services. Anyway, if you could execute above together with a right partner, you should have a better chance to win more business in 2019.  

Wish you have a great year in 2019!